Glass-Lined Training

Welcome to the real world of glass-lined steel!

Glass-lined steel provides a tried and tested, rugged design that has proven its value in countless applications across various industries that require a high level of corrosion resistance and durability in their process Equipment.

Nonetheless, people hear the term "Glass" and often develop a negative perception of glass-lined steel, associating the material of construction with terms like "fragile", "maintenance hassle", and "costly".

But by familiarizing yourself with the unique properties and advantages of glass-lined steel, you can dismiss these misconceptions.

Our tranining program is designed for that purpose.

Building upon a basic understanding developped in Module 1, the full training courses will add to this knowledge and allow you to reach the highest level of performance in selecting, operating and upgrading your process equipment.


Several modules are proposed:


  1. Introduction to glass-lined equipment
    Objective: Acquisition of the basics in enamel and glass-lined equipment
  2. Installation and maintenance of glass-lined equipment
    Objective: Acquisition of maintenance techniques on glass-lined equipment
  3. Process improvement / Optimisation / Agitation and Heat Exchange
    Objective: Introduction to agitation with a global approach to learn about the components to define an agitation system and the criteria used to select the agitation suited to one's process
  4. Enamel
    Objective: Advanced knowledge of enamel, enamel frit manufacturing process, manufacturing and properties of steel/enamel composite, optimal use of glass-lined equipment
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