OptiMix® - HE (Heat Exchange)

Through the evolution of the OptiMix® design, De Dietrich has extended the range of the OptiMix® reactors to provide improved heat transfer and reduce processing times.
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Increase your heat exchange surface with the new generation of OptiMix® - HE reactors!

This new design uses the thermal fluid contained in the half-coil in order to create a circulation through the baffles.

As a result, film coefficients and heat transfer rates are higher than in conventional jackets. By combining the advantages of the Hemicoil jacket with OptiMix’s three integral wall mounted baffles, we can now offer a high performance glass-lined reactor with superior mixing and heat transfer.

This results in an increased heat transfer area up to 25% enabling a more homogeneous, faster thermal management and therefore cycle times shortened.



  • A complete range from 100 l up to 20,000 l in half-coils with thermal fluid
  • Geometry according to DIN 28136
  • Inside: -25/+200°C, -1/+6 bar / Outside: -25/+200°C, -1/+6 bar
  • Heated / cooled baffles
  • DD3009 Enamel


  • Heat exchange area increased up to 25%
  • Reduced reaction time
  • Clearance of all the nozzles
  • Improved cleaning facilities:
    • No dead zone
    • Less vortex means reduced splashing on wall and upper head
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