Enamel DD3009

The DD3009 glass is a material of construction which meets the demanding needs for chemical and pharmaceutical companies where service conditions of the process are particularly difficult.
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One glass with optimum quality

Across the world, all De Dietrich plants apply the same quality of glass, the production of which is centralized in France. This guarantees the quality and process parameters from one De Dietrich equipment to another, whatever the size or the origin, without any test or validation.

During the preparation of each batch of DD3009 glass, numerous tests and controls assure us of a perfect and reproducible quality, suppressing any risks of production defect.



First a suspension of glass powder is sprayed like a paint onto the surfaces to be glass-lined.  After drying, the parts are fired into furnaces at temperatures that affect fusion between the glass particles.  Once cooled, the result is an impervious, smooth fire polished coating of glass.

This cycle of spraying, drying, firing and cooling is repeated layer after layer until obtaining the required thickness, each coat being submitted to various quality controls  including thickness, spark testing at 20 kV, and visual inspection.


DD3009 glass offers excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion, mechanical and thermal shocks, making it suitable for highly corrosive processes.

The formulation of this multipurpose glass is adapted to cGMP requirements and its anti-adhesive properties are ideal for cleaning, cleanliness, and sterilization.

Furthermore, the glass surface is impervious to catalytic effects and contamination.


  • Excellent resistance to corrosion
  • Mechanical resistance to shocks and abrasion
  • Smooth, non-stick properties
  • Non-catalytic inertness
  • Multipurpose material for versatility
  • Meets cGMP requirements for cleaning, cleanliness and sterilization
  • Suitable for high pressure and full vacuum at elevated temperatures
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