ConductiGlass® enamel prevents any risk of electrostatic damage on glass-lined equipment.
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The solution against electrostatic damage

In a glass-lined reactor, electrical insulating properties of the lining prohibit charges to flow to the ground and enhance their accumulation to very high voltages that become dangerous for the glass lining. This problem which was one of the last remaining in glass lining technology is solved by the use of the glass lining called ConductiGlass®.

The first ConductiGlass® equipment have been installed in 1998, and more than 100 reactors are working actually, replacing vessels previously damaged by electrostatic discharges, in activities as different as production of medicines, pesticides, resins, electronic components, using solvents like toluene, chloroform, ether, n-heptane, benzene, …

The principle of the ConductiGlass® solution consists in increasing the conductivity of the glass lining to a value high enough to allow the discharge to the ground the electrostatic charges created, prohibiting then their accumulation at the glass surface up to dangerous voltages.

This is achieved by adding a small quantity of very thin Platinum fibres, homogeneously dispersed in the whole thickness of the glass lining, which remains made of DD3009 standard glass.

These fibres are not joined, but the glass thicknesses which are in between them are extremely small and can be compared to a network of micro-condensers discharging in line to let the electrostatic charges flow gently to the ground without any damage to the glass lining.

ConductiGlass® advantages

  • Delete any risk of electrostatic damages
  • Easy to implement on any kind of glass-lined equipment
  • Continuous intrinsic property of the whole thickness of the glass-lining during all the life-time of the equipment
  • Dielectric controls and Email Test monitoring remain possible
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