The DIN Range

This range of reactors meets every standards and is able to cover all your needs whatever your process. The perfect control of our manufacture and quality procedures leads to provide high quality products every time.
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The polyvalence and reliability in every circumstances

All our glass lined-steel reactors are in accordance with the DIN 28136.

Three types of glass-lined steel reactor design AE, BE, CE which can be provided with jacket or half-coil and a wide selection of agitation solutions.










closed-welded reactors without a large main opening for higher pressure ratings.



  • Top head strength enables higher internal pressure rating,
  • Opening for agitation limited, therefore more security by reducing gaskets and cramps.
  • Simpler geometry facilitating the access to openings reserved for the processes and, for the same useful volume, decreasing the height of the vessel compared to the CE reactor.










clamped or flanged-top reactors designed with a removable top head for today’s cleanability demands.


Our standard AE glass-lined reactors are designed for a working pressure of -1/6 bar/vacuum in inner vessel and in the jacket and especially adapted for small capacity (<1000L)

For a complete vessel, our standard scope of supply is as follows :

  • Inner vessel with bottom outlet nozzles
  • Main cover with nozzles,
  • Support system.
  • Half coil or Steel jacket welded onto inner vessel (including the nozzles necessary for heating and cooling). The cooling and heating media inlets are provided with agitating nozzles,


  • Easy entry facilitates cleanability
  • Opening enables use of one-piece agitators,












rugged, heavyweight reactors with large top head main cover that allows for installation and removal of one-piece agitators.



  • Opening enables use of one-piece agitators.













Tailor made reactors

To match your requirements, the product range has been extended with capacities from 63 liters up to 110 m3, specific pressure and temperature ratings.

On request, the following alternates can be supplied:

  • Execution for low temperatures.
  • Exterior half coil in welded half-pipes, instead of the jacket, permitting the use of heating fluids at high pressures. Also double half coil for heating and cooling by separate circuit.

As an option, we can provide pre-insulated reactor for time and trouble saving on site.










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